Friday, March 13, 2015

Geting in the Spirit

The green spirit that is.

St. Patrick's Day has never meant much to this family, our heritage in the under 10% and the recovery from birthdays, anticipation of spring break and Easter making it a quick second to all of life's other activities. That and a really great reason to purchase one of those green Jayhawk shirts with the snazzy sayings...

This year my attempt to at least acknowledge the day, despite our Easter decor already up, will include taking Big L to the warm-up parade, sporting some beads and having a bit o' leprachaun family fun:
Affordable and easy to execute, the St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt from blogger Liz of Love Grows Wild will be on the weekend agenda. It's my hope it will burn a good 15 minutes of our wild child's time and simply delight the older one.

Plus, the Big has been really delving into the idea of whether or not leprechauns exist. I figure you gotta have a little bit of fun with them before they know way more than you.

Hope you and yours have lots of green goodness ahead!

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