Sunday, June 28, 2015

Care For a Wowbutter and Jelly?

"Mom - it was so amazing. We made puppy chow today. With stuff that really tasted like peanut butter! Or, that's what my friends say..." our oldest gabbed on, perhaps almost as excited about this food as when he anticipates the large menu of ballpark goodness before a Royals game.

Immediately intrigued, I happened to pick up from school that day and ask his teacher what all the commotion was about. She quickly propped open a nearby cupboard (perfectly organized and labeled I might add - those Kindergarten teachers!) and whipped out this:
Wowbutter! It's claim to fame being "it's just like peanut butter but better." As a peanut butter lover I was skeptical, particularly noting that the stuff was mostly made from soy, but a quick lick from a plastic spoon left me delighted. And very relieved.

A few months ago the "food bullying" and feeling left out for having a food allergy had started for our near six-year old, with friends peer pressuring him to "just go ahead and try it," or licking their fingers after Reece's cups and rubbing it in that this journey into goodness wasn't going to be an option for him. Luckily he's a beautiful blend of compliant and a pleaser, but the pleaser part can be tricky sometimes, because you just don't know the moment he may give in. Now, he has options.

And Wowbutter and jelly sandwiches. Nearly daily.

The tub sits proudly on our counter and is constantly requested, paired with crackers, vegetables or sometimes just grubby little fingers. Found in your local grocery store, they also come with easy-to-read labels indicating it's peanut-free and GMO free, given it looks remarkably like the creamy stuff.

So peanut allergy survivors, delight! And give your kiddo a taste of the good stuff. Happy snacking!

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