Monday, June 29, 2015

Let's Go Royals!

"First, I'll have a burger. Then a hotdog, popcorn, nachos and a pretzel. Next I'll have a ..." Similar to his mother, the child anticipated ballpark gourmet almost as much as a hometown win at our annual trip to the game.

Decked out in our gear (I had to make the investment in a woman's jersey - I mean, how cute is that?! And to go back and monogram it someday with "BoyMom?!" Swoon.), we loaded the car with nearly 15 bottles of water given the hundred-degree heat, some snacks a few Shandys and left anxious and excited for a Royals win.

Well, two of us...

The day had already been packed with sports, swimming, errands and a large Mexican meal, so he needed just a bit more time to rally. The bonus of this meant some bonding time with the Mister over ice-cold brewskies and bright orange fingers from a rare indulgence called Cheetos (maybe not the best choice with that new white jersey, but hey - YOLO.)

Ready to roll, we parked near the Chiefs stadium, following the floods of the crowd of the sold out game. Feeling the energy, we navigated the the streams of people, already flushed from the anticipation of what the next nine innings held and likely the warmth of the sunny day. Finding our seats, Big L discovered he needed a bit of a height advantage and chose Daddy's lap.

Together they talked for hours, delighting in every last detail of the game, learning the ins and outs of base stealing, local cheers and how to read the scoreboard. At home run time, he was tossed in the air among thousands of fist pumps from the strength of his Daddy's forearms. And me? I taught him the importance of choosing a song and knowing all the cheers.
It was so much fun, we missed our opportunity once again to check out the Little K, our son choosing the opportunity to catch a foul ball vs. bouncing around with a crew of sweaty peers.

Homers, Hosmers, hotdogs and handholding - it was an incredible evening. And we got to celebrate Father's Day for this guy:
Life can't be much better than this.

Check another one off the summer bucket list and let's go Royals!

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