Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hitting the Bottle

Wow, this mama has been off.the.grid. Sorry about that! It may largely be due to...

Sleep! Glorious, wonderful zzzzzs!

For some, sleep comes easy. But as you've heard me whine, sleep is not my strength. In fact, you may have witnessed my TV debut post media relations today where I went as far to try melatonin in a bottle. Fail.

But my friends, there is an answer! And it comes in the form of little brown bottles (not to be confused with beer, though I think there is a high probability if done in moderation this could also couple as a solution). And if Fox hadn't cut out all the slightly intelligent parts of my interview where I promoted these guys, I wouldn't have to put it in writing, but I digress.

Essential oils have literally changed my life, at least when it comes to sleep habits. I'm confident they will take me further when I'm ready for a health overhaul, influencing allergies, weight, headaches, stress and more. Engaging with oils has meant more than seven hours of sleep for me each evening, with only about a 30-second, single waking in there. This is nearly a 70% improvement from what I'd been experiencing in the land of nod. Here's what I'm doing to support sleep:
  • Ambien in a Bottle: 20 drops lavendar, 7 drops Vetiver and coconut oil
  • Balance
  • Serenity

Apply these oils to my heels and take in a deep sniff and I'm good to go. Cleaning up my habits such as avoiding screens at least an hour before bed and playing white noise is a perfect marriage. When I'm ready to take the plunge, diffusing these in our master will certainly knock out that quick 4 a.m. waking that just won't go away.

We've also ventured into the respiratory blend for the wee one with many sniffles and lavender for moments that require more calm (ahem - an entire day of travel coming up).

I've only dipped my toe in - there are so many options and mixes that can improve health and avoid the cost and influence of over the counter medicine. And though I'm a proud supporter of these (I am in healthcare after all), I was more than happy to shed my sleeping pills and their side effects and limitations for these that are affordable and gave me my life back.

I'm a believer, for sure. Holler if you want to sample anything I've got or I'll connect you with K, a dear, no-pressure friend who cares about you as much as you do about yourself.

I can't wait to see what's next for oils for me and my family and for you. How there is so much power in a little brown bottle, I'll never know, but I will continue to hit it.

Because dang, it's good.

Happy oiling!


KD said...

Megs, I'm soooo into this too! My SIL brought some TerraShield to my house Memorial Day Weekend. I promptly bought 2 bottles and have making DIY bug spray. Sooo thankful b/c bug spray/wipes/fans smell so gross and make me feel sick. I just purchased the Physicians Kit from doTERRA and have been having so much fun with the different applications of these oils. Thanks for the "ambien" recipe. I'll give it a try tonight!

KD said...

Hope you don't mind. I mentioned you (well, linked to your post) in a post in my new blog, ChezD Acres. If it's an issue, let me know and I'll fix ASAP.