Saturday, November 21, 2015

Get Your Shrub On!

"Shoot, I can't meet you at 10 - L has music and we have two kiddo parties to hit. I'm going to try and squeeze it in around noon!" I reported excitedly to my girlfriend via text, my fingers gliding quickly over the screen in anticipation of the event I had missed the last few years.

For several seasons, Mom and I attended the Family Tree Nursery Holiday Open House, the glitter and joy of the season lining every single wall with Christmas goodness. Little did I know until spotting the perfect potted plant on my girlfriend's front porch, that during this event they host a Holiday Container party.  Here, you grab a planter, stuff it full of green lush goodness, and sprinkle in some holiday cheer of ornaments, pinecones, birch and more. In the end, you walk away with an affordable piece that lights up your entire front porch and lasts until nearly spring. Swoon!
Even with the best laid plans, it didn't work for me to attend this year, courtesy of a nasty stomach bug. But thanks to one incredibly awesome friend, this little beauty will adorn our holiday porch:
Here's her work for art for her lovely home:
Thank you, A for getting your shrub on and for being the giving, thoughtful friend you are. We can hardly wait to plunk this container of goodness down among our already sparkling lights.

Stop by Family Tree tomorrow 11-4 and one of these can be yours. Happy creating!

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