Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In Stitches Over This Fix #8

"Who knows what will be in the little box of delight?! I didn't provide any purpose this time around - it's a complete surprise!" I shared with my boss, who know fully understood the anticipation of a Stitch Fix box. With no real direction to my stylist other than pure delight, I was happy to find:
Pixley Split Neck Print Blouse: pattern is to die for and one my eye was
constantly drawn to on the Fix boards. I was super bummed to find it gathered
at my waist due to my "substantial bits" and didn't flow like I'd seen on the
thinner others. It was also tight in the chest. Darn!!!
Kut Jonathan Skinny Corduroy: to die!!! Plum cords?! I didn't know I
"needed" these in my life until this moment. Super versatile and soft as pajamas,
they are my new go-to for work to weekend. Swoon!
Skies are Blue Kendy Detachable Faux Fur Sleeveless Cardigan: a super fun piece with
a detachable faux fur, but I a) will never hit the cleaners b) am not young and hip enough to
layer this correctly and pull it off c) can never find quite the right pieces to go underneath.
Great for the fashionista though!
Also included was the Loveappella Madeon Sparkle Doman Knit Top, which was really drab coloring on me and was too tight in the arms (had some fun sparkle in it though!) and a RD style Calvina Side Slit Cowl Neck Knit top I almost kept but felt it resembled too many of my basics.

Super fun and holding my breath for the next one!

What's been in your adorably branded box lately?!

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