Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Touch of Green

"Wow, it's really coming together! HOW long have you lived here?" a guest asked, taking a look around at all the accessories that I'd frantically placed in the living room just a mere few hours before.

Thanks to my amazing Mom, friends with great taste (here's looking at you Andrea) and a deadline of hosting a baby shower, the family room has started to piece together. A quick stop at NFM resulted in the perfect chair, with just enough oomph of personality and comfort to bring some character. Next up was the sofa table, a unique blend of metal and woods and the ideal spot for Matchbox races. Both were excellent price points for our active family and completed the furniture quota for the room.
Finally, there was a need to fill all those cute little vases I had stuck in every nook and cranny. On a limited budget and not knowing where to start, I hit the usual haunts of Hobby Lobby, Target, Michaels and IKEA. Striking out there, I remembered that Featherstone had some great accessories in the past, so ventured out with fingers crossed. And thank goodness, because we had quite a bit
of luck:
A succulent that forever lives coupled with a fun little wishbone for good fortune
Can't get this pic to rotate, but you get the idea - a
flourishing welcome to the home with these fresh sprigs
Some flare for the mantle
A little height to accent the dining room art
Wild greens to mix up the structured table and
hydrangea balls to soften the hardware

A room that's starting to feel warmer and ready for family lounging

Moving into new construction means starting with a beautiful blank state, making it fun to innovate and create. Grabbing some greens is the perfect way to start warming it up without committing to a level like drilling holes in walls. Even better, there's options for those with no desire or ability to keep actual green things alive at an affordable price.

Next up, we may get brave and try for a fiddle leaf fig for behind that chair and a live house plant for the corner of our eat in kitchen. We'll see...

A touch of green: good for the soul and the home.


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