Monday, July 25, 2016

What'd You Get?!

"C'mon Mom, let's take a few laps. This is an athletic event after all," I chided to her, a grin of disbelief mixed with excitement crossing her face. After taking a few selfies in front of the "Nordstrom Anniversary Sale" sign, grabbing some tea and watching the clock for that starting time, we were ready. Mom even had her new sneakers on for the race...

And race we did, delighted that the metal doors slide open just a few minutes before 10 a.m. With a game plan tucked under my arm, we did purses first, then jewels, shoes, kids and juniors, just as planned. And boy did we feel like we were coming in first with these finds:
Thalia bag by Sole Society - for those hand-free
days and it resembles the Chloe - for only $35!

Kate Spade Spencer Court-Caren bag - in plum!
Simple to get into and still carry all the stuff for the boys,
while still looking elegant and classy. 

Sam Edelman flats to go with all that black and white
for work! Plus, there are tiny spikes on the heel. AND
they are comfortable. Swoon!

Vince Camuto boots. For jeans, dresses and everything in between.
Great, neutral color and so comfy. Better buy something other than
athletic socks this year or those bad boys will show through...

Because there can never be enough Kendra Scott in the world...

Party in your ears?! Yes please. Thank you,
Kate Spade.

Little twist on the timelessness from KS as well.

By Barefoot Dreams, this baby will go on immediately
after I walk in the door from work.
So soft, so delightful, so yum.

Because we missed a size in hand-me-downs this winter,
a fun Northface for Liam

Scored this one in pink! Soft, easy to wash and perfect
weight for errands or morning runs this fall. By Zella

Again, there can never be too much Kendra. My first silver pieces!
Considering we're not card holders and therefore no early access (one of the pitfalls of being married to a finance guy), we thought we cleaned up pretty well. Mom nabbed some super cute red tennis and I still haven't heard what she found on round two.

Don't even ask me to publish the list of what I actually want if money were no option. But darn it, those kids gotta eat! At least I'll be serving them in my new fuchsia flats with sparkling jewels...

It's been so fun to see the sale explode online and check out what others are purchasing. The superficial yet incredibly delightful indulgence is sometimes just what a person needs. Hope you've had some good juju too!

Make yourself happy. Visit the Nordy's Anni sale by August 8. Then let me know what you got!


Unknown said...

Such a great edit Megan! Next year you can come with me the VERY FIRST DAY...even before early access!

Unknown said...

Such a great edit Megan! Next year you can come with me the VERY FIRST DAY...even before early access!