Monday, July 25, 2016

Flu Flicks

"Oh man, I'm on day three. Please text me something interesting about the outside world," I wrote my girlfriend who was braving a Monday at the office. Admittedly, I'd rather be there vs. tucked in for yet another day full of naps, Amazon movies and closed blinds. And though this sounds like every mom's dream once in awhile, it's much more delightful when the flu isn't involved. When your husband isn't studying for the biggest exam in his life. When you're not missing your boys ("Mommy's got the germ touch!) and another fun social plan on the books. Blah.

But if there is one good thing that has come from coping with the flu, it's inspiration from catching up on hours and hours of movies. Between the darkness in the media the last few weeks and working in behavioral health, this virus may have sorta been just what I need to shift the ol' brain. Here's what I've been watching and what I remember about each between naps:

1. Miracles from Heaven: break out the tissues! After round eight of tears, I marveled at how true to life the story was and the unconditional love we have for our children. For the gut instincts we have as parents, the need to fight in the healthcare system and that faith can take you far. That children are curious, pure and magical little people and that Garner is the flawless girl next door. The movie made living on a farm in Texas look like he most loving place on earth and that even the most laid back, handsome husband can still cause you grief. It made me miss my career working with children's hospitals and reminded me that those who serve pediatric patients are simply the best. It seriously left me inspired to be a better mom and wife. And yes, it stressed me out the sick child never wore a seatbelt in the back seat. I can't help myself. A must see!

2. Hot Pursuit: made it through 24 minutes and just had to stop. Just stop. Reece: this wasn't you! How'd you get roped into this one? Hokey, obnoxious, bad acting and lame story. Skip!

3. We're All Fine: kinda dark, as it raised my biggest fears that when my boys run off and marry, they'll find any excuse not to wander or call home. It calls into question we constantly ask ourselves on how we're parenting, what our kids will carry with them and will they turn out alright. How when they are adults, everything changes. DeNiro was as lovable as always and in the end, there's a spark of family magic.

4. The Words: first, Bradley Cooper is in it, so there's a win right there. Second, it revolves around the art of writing. It stretches you to think about ethics, the choices you make in life and what love can be. I marveled at how sweet their marriage was and thought "I should be more like her." Oh, and not steal anyone else's work. If journalism is your thing, I think you'll enjoy it. There's a few too many stories running at once, but hey, it keeps it quasi mysterious. It may also make you worry that someone as beautiful as Olivia Wilde could sweep your husband off his feet.

5. Everything Must Go: definitely not your usual Will Ferrell flick. Slow and depressing. I watched the first 25 minutes, then forwarded to the last 10. Even the ending was just kinda...sad. Too much of what's really going on in marriages, addiction and real life these days. The only bright spot was the difference he sorta made in the life of his lonely neighbor child. Don't download.

6. Burnt: delightful! This undomestic goddess has zero interest in cooking. By the end, I really...wanted Bradley Cooper to be our family chef.  It was intriguing to imagine a chef's life, made you assess the importance of food and what it all really means. The emotional connection to building a community and second chances was also a good message.

7. The Age of Adaline: though a bit unrealistic, every Pisces loves a romantic film. Lively is the girl you always want to be, for her looks, grace and zen character. She's mysterious, wise and has the class of women that was so relevant to the past. It takes you into pieces of history that anyone can appreciate and the opening and closing guy does an excellent voiceover. The relationship with her dog and daughter is something every woman can understand. Worth a review!

8. While We're Young: a bit more "artsy" than my regular collection of brainless films, this one was kinda fun. It left you considering what it means to age, what you're settling for and what you want to try in life. Stiller was his normal, hysterical yet funny self and the hipster couple is so relevant to who you meet today. It may inspire you to get unstuck, or just to be grateful for where you are on your journey.

9. Men, Women and Children: I wasn't in the mood. It felt too negative about family life and so focused on porn. I couldn't get into that head space in the moment. Went for 11 minutes. Pass.

In between these, there was a bit of Rizzoli & Isles (love their friendship with a bit of mystery!) and a smidge of the Today show and some blog reading. Needless to say, I'm waiting for my body to catch up on healing because my mind is about to turn to mush.

Also discovered in this three day bedrest: love of LuLaRoe leggings, iPad technology, red Gatorade, Sleep Number beds, Dave Brubeck on Pandora, watchful pets and a supportive husband.

So next time you're laid up, consider one of these flicks. They may be good (or not so good) for more than the flu.

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