Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coping With Stress - Tips from an Inspirational Gal

It was nearly two years ago when Melinda Hadley-deBoer came into my life, a woman of grace, inspiration and spirituality of tremendous proportions. Through our extensive work together on personal and professional development, one of the greatest tips she gave me was to build spirituality into my day through meditation and reading. And so it began that each morning (ok, most mornings - and now with Lawson in the pic, about 30% of mornings :))I snatch up a book and some cards from my beat-up nightstand and start my day off on the right foot. Between this practice and daily yoga, I can once again breath evenly, feel the stress melt from my shoulder blades and gain the kind of perspective on life that many only dream of. What a gift!

On this particular day, with the rain falling evenly and my child tucked snugly in my arms, I am moved by this passage in Sarah Ban Breathnach's book, "Simple Abundance." With Lawson's diagnosis confirmed and the general stress of life and having a new child weighing on Team Choate's shoulders, it was enlightening to read this passage for October 9. May you take a tip or two away to ease some stress in your life!

Coping With Stress - Passage for October 9 from "Simple Abundance"

Is there a woman alive who doesn't suffer from stress? If there is, seek her out, ask her to share her wisdom. When you find her, I'd be willing to bet she'll offer the following suggestions:

* Cultivate gratitude * Carve out an hour a day for solitude * Begin and end the day with prayer, meditation, reflection * Keep it simple * Keep your house picked up * Don't over schedule * Strive for realistic deadlines * Never make a promise you can't keep * Allow an extra half hour for everything you do * Create quite surroundings at home and at work * Go to bed at nine o'clock at least twice a week * Always carry something interesting to read * Breathe deeply and often * Move - walk, dance, run, find a sport you enjoy * Drink pure spring water and lots of it * Eat only when hungry * If it's not delicious, don't eat it * Be instead of do * Set aside one day a week for rest and renewal * Laugh more often * Luxuriate in your senses * Always opt for comfort * If you don't love it, live without it * Let Mother Nature nurture * Don't answer the telephone during dinner * Stop trying to please everybody * Start pleasing yourself * Stay away from negative people * Don't squander precious resources: time, creative energy, emotion * Nurture friendships * Don't be afraid of your passion * Approach problems as challenges * Honor your aspirations * Set achievable goals * Surrender expectations * Savor beauty * Create boundaries * For every "yes," let there be a "no" * Don't worry; be happy * Remember, happiness is a living emotion * Exchange security for serenity * Care for your soul * Cherish your dreams * Express love every day * Search for your authentic self until you find her

In this world without quiet corners, there can be no easy escapes...from hullabalo, from terrible, unquiet fuss. - Salman Rushdie

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Meg said...

Yeah, love it. Have you read the sequel to Simple Abundance? If you like SA you’ll love this one- Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self

Love, Sarah