Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Stars - With Swagger!

It was the time of day when one of two things occur - either all hell breaks loose or the family is calmly anticipating Daddy's arrival home, working to portray the image that all was well in the world while he was gone. Today, the house sat quietly around us, our little man tucked tightly into my chest after an afternoon of fussing and playing, the rain falling softly outside against the gray sky. As I took in the smell of Lawson's babyesque scent, capturing one of the million of moments so miraculous within a given day, I decided to take a quick mental break and flip on the tube. Navigating to the Ellen Degeneres show (I wish she were my friend!) I stumbled upon these two adorable boys showcasing not only their raw talent, but charming character that stole my heart. May their positive attitudes, strong voices and respectful nature tug at your heartstrings:

10-Year-Old Twins Sing for Ellen
Oct 14, 2009 - 05:26
Darius and Demetrice are 10-year-old twins who can really sing! Ellen chatted with them and then they performed Mario's song "Let Me Love You" in acapello. Watch them on YouTube here!

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