Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seeds of Love

With the dawn of May and June comes the season of showers…not the rainy kind that can put a damper on a planned park outing, but the kind filled with love, laughter and honoring the Mommy or bride-to-be. It’s been said that a key group of we girls could easily be hired out to put on the kind of soiree to never forget, thinking of all the little things from a menu that requires passing along the secrets later, to fine china engraved and passed along for generations, to party favors and perfectly coifed décor and themes that the honored should not soon forget. Though I run with this fabulous crowd and have even thrown an event or two with them, you can imagine I am not responsible for the food. Or the fine serving ware. Heck, even the invite! But one thing this gal can do – favors. Check out this little ensemble that’s been a hit for the last few baby showers I’ve thrown:

Seeds. In an itty bitty pot. That grows with food, water and nurturing. Like a kiddo. Get it? With a quote that applies to baby and flower seeds: “From small beginnings come great things.”

Having luck with one I received at a recent work event, I latched onto the idea and spread the word. Affordable, fun and easy enough for even the most non-green thumb, these little numbers are meaningful, applicable and a way to celebrate the guests who go the extra mile to dress up, prepare a gift and show their love. Customize your own quote, mix up the colors and put smiles on faces in less than an hour.

So here’s to spreading the love…one seed at a time. Cheers!

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