Sunday, May 30, 2010

You Know You're a Mom When...

Week of May 30
1.You rejoice that the length of your hair has returned to include a ponytail – hello extra 20 minutes of sleep!
2. A quick trip to see the relatives up North now includes three suitcases, a full chest of toys, two diaper bags, a food bag, etc. versus an iPod, pleasure read or Ok! Magazine.
3. You hyperventilate when a family member offers to watch your kiddo for the afternoon…not so much about the babysitting part but the car ride over there that doesn’t include you as a passenger.
4. Some of the funniest moments of the week consist of red faces and grunts, chimpanzee-like squeals, crazed midnight moments and a squash sneeze on Nana.
5. You can no longer make small talk because your stories only highlight mommydom, work and more mommydom. You wonder – what did I used to talk about for hours and why did people without children enjoy chatting with me???
6. You become the official thank you note scribe at baby showers due to your infinite wisdom with these crazy products.
7. Your favorite moments become those spent sharing glances, touching hands and date nights…with your wee one.
8. You fight the ridiculous urge to purchase every item that has the word “Mom” scribed on it because you love being one so much.
9.You don’t blink twice at changing a diaper in the back of your luxury SUV.
10. Your heart expands in a million places to accommodate the growing unconditional love, amazement and undying passionate you have for your little being.

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