Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Affair to Remember

“Yeah, that one’s perfect!” I say to a grinning Erica, watching as she tugged the peacock-feathered headband across her gorgeous auburn hair, the waves falling loosely along her olive cheeks as she assessed the look.

“Great – this is a start to the wardrobe!” she giggled as we collected our things and made our way to the growing line.

We had been talking for hours about the ensembles and accessories she was collecting to bring her vintage photo shoot to life, discussing hot topics such as hounds tooth, where to find the perfect double-breasted, 50’s-inspired jacket and what size heel would still align her with my brother. It was inspiring to hear her chat excitedly, her cheeks flushing with excitement as she described her vision of what their engagement photos would look like, complete with planes, trains, automobiles and of course, their love. Hearing her talk of this adventure was a true testament to what their marriage would soon be: classic, timeless, full of romance and complete with adventure.

And here’s how that dream turned out:

erica & ryan's save the date from courtney rosen on Vimeo.

Pretty fabulous, don’t you think?

Unique, fun, charming, cinematic, a bit sassy and full of unconditional love.

Just like they are, always will be, for better or for worse.

So count me in kids – I will save that date. Because I know with two amazing people like you, this is sure to be an affair to remember…

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