Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winning Wedges

I realize this is a bad title…because your immediate reaction is going to be to repeat the ever-lovin’ words of Charlie Sheen. Am I right, or am I right???

Regardless, I wanted to pass along a pic of these little beauties:

The perfect wedges for spring for Mom’s on the go who are responsible for chasing after their toddlers as well as balls as they attempt to roll into the street, climbing half-way up slides, crouching in the mud, leaning one-legged at counters, practicing steps, vacuuming with a 30-pounder in one hand before company arrives, carrying the kiddo through the mall as he’s just not that into the stroller, so on and so forth. For these activities and more, this sandal is a dreamboat. And even better…they’re Clarks!

So yeah, they come with a bit of a price tag. But who doesn’t want to drop a few extra pennies (after donating to Japan of course) for comfort, style and sass?

After all, there’s limited time for makeovers, spray tans, blow outs, manis/pedis and all that jazz. Why not just slip on these bad boys to give yourself the big of attitude you may just feel you’re lacking these days? And so what if you happen to sport them with wind pants and your KU tee…

you’re still rockin’ the winning wedge.

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