Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snail Mail

“Anything good in there?” I said, peering over Mike’s shoulder, yearning for a hint of pink, blue, purple, yellow or any color out of the ordinary vs. the stark white of what generally constitutes the making of a bill. “Nope, nothing today Miss…” he said with a grin, delighting in our daily ritual of mail retrieval, then placing all the vanilla “this is due” and “take care of this now” pile near his wallet, where I was sure to never go. Because stacks of mail, particularly that which require monetary compensation, are not.my.fav. What’s the fun in that?!

When it comes to the ol’ white boxed car coming up the street, sure, a catalog is great, but that tends to lead to unnecessary spending with all it’s glossiness and retail appeal. And even a flyer or two can be stomached, as long as it’s something that is accessorized with a steep discount. A hand-dropped invite from a neighbor for Pampered Chef is nice, and definitely a request for your presence at a wedding or shower. Making the top of the list are gifts from Grandma that include seasonal coloring books, thoughtful cards and kind words. But this…THIS…

can practically bring a grown woman to her knees.

A small, thoughtful gift sent just for you. Delivered in beautiful wrapping. Scrawled with a adoring note with words you will forever hold close to your heart. Filled with trinkets you had admired MONTHS ago in passing. Priceless, absolutely priceless.

And last week, we received a hand written letter from family. And ANOTHER darling gift from a friend that lightened what was quickly becoming a stressful situation.

So don’t discount snail mail…there’s nothing like it. With its power it can lift a heart, help someone understand the importance of friendship and their meaning to you in this world of texts and Facebook postings. Unearth a grin that had been hiding beneath clouds all day. Because you took the time. The time to wrap, stamp, post, dig up address and send off, snail mail style.

And compared to snail, all other delivery options pale.

Signed, sealed, delivered…make it yours. And theirs. They’ll forever be grateful.

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