Friday, April 22, 2011

And We're Booked!

Yes – our trip to Hilton Head island in June is finally coming to life!

The plane tickets have been paid for, including seats selectively acquired for toddler tendencies. The swimsuit shopping has begun (gulp). Daydreams of white sand, nearly clear water with white-capped waves and a four-bedroom beachside house are in progress.

And we couldn’t be more excited.

Because thestateoftheworld.companymerger.interpersonalconflictatwork.theneedtolose30pounds.adisasteroushouse.worlddisasters.skewedpriorities.familyandfriendillness.sleeplessnightsandsleepydays.growingpains.carrepairs.hospitalbills., etc.etc…..

Well, it’s all becoming a little…much.

So HH is exactly what we need. Right here. Right now.

Just a week away with no worries, not a care in the world and time with the beloved.

Let the countdown begin…

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