Saturday, April 16, 2011


“Ok, sounds good – I’ll grab my calendar and give you a call to schedule the 2-year…” I said, carefully balancing my overflowing bag with all 24 pounds of my son on the other hip. Not to mention my brain simultaneously trying to wrap itself around itself at the mere mention the little guy was going to hit another birthday this year…two? Really? Wow…

The checkup had gone well, with a clean bill of health, magazines to tear up, doctor’s chairs to twirl and a humorous bout of nakedness down the hallway. Stats: 33” tall, 24.10 lbs and a 19/5” head. That’s my boy!

Except really, his weight has been the same for about a year now. Which is totally cool besides the fact I’m insanely jealous of his hollow leg. I mean, his doc even called him “long and lean.” The only thing even remotely in my life that has any description of that is the jeans I buy from GAP. Damn genes. Note: genes, not jeans. LNLs from GAP are fantastic…but I digress…

The only hitch is that we need to see an opthamologist at Children’s to get the tear duct situation figured out. In general, most kiddos are born with blocked ducts that repair on their own by age one. Unfortunately, ours are still pooling with puddles of water and salty streams down darling, chubby cheeks are part of our everyday, so potential, minimal surgery is in our future to avoid any damage to his sight or the eye. We will see what the specialist says in 3 MONTHS. Yeah, that’s the wait time at Children’s for CONSULT. Which is exactly why I work at the job I do in the field I adore. Sure, I could pull some strings, but that just adds to the access problem and how awful would I feel if I stole an appointment time from an oncology patient? Pediatric nonetheless??? More to come on this…

Meanwhile, here are some of the fun things this “cool guy” has been saying these days:

1. “Cool guy!” coupled with a head nod when he places his sunglasses on his nose
2. “FART!” when his tummy rumbles or he is working some magic in his diaper. I’m not sure this is fun, but it’s funny. Don’t judge – you know you still laugh at potty talk…
3. “Lawson does this or that…” talking in third person about his charming self
4. “I see you moon!” as he watches it rotate through the car windows
5. “Yeths” – yes, in the most unique fashion and many times, in quite, precious whispers as a response to questions
6. “GOOOOBYE!” impersonating Jack Black’s final note, complete with the tall standing pointer finger and finishes with “yah” and jazz hands
7. “Aw, maaannn!” in correlation with a head shake when he is puzzled about something
8. “Dirt!” when he accidentally gets poop on his hands or in this case, when his diaper slipped off during nap and he politely placed a pile behind his crib, only for me to find it days later. Now when he wakes, he says “dirt – all gone!” Yah, and may we never find it there again!
9. “Loading!!! Silly Ryan…” stealing a word his Uncle taught him, then labeling him as silly afterward…
10. “Thank you Mommy” – some of the most precious words to fall onto these ears

He’s also throwing wicked dance parties. Going crazy. Lovin’ on his pets. Suffering from separation anxiety. Getting a few bites at school. Hugging like crazy. Mowing the lawn. Obsessing over cleanliness. Creating beautiful art. Singing. Running. And loving life to it’s fullest.

By the way, the 18-month growth and development sheet the pediatrician sent us home with had a first line that read: "Child mimics household chorels like sweeping, dusting, etc." So I guess I can give up feeling guilty about all of this:

And with him, my life is full too…in the most remarkable, magical, unforgettable, loveable ways. So amazing in fact, there are no stats to put to it…

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