Friday, November 4, 2011

From Head to Toe

As the frost lines our once green grass and the catalogues begin pouring in, I find myself getting a little over the top and going bananas over "things." I mean, you already know my love for retail therapy and giving gifts, but I swear there is something in the air that goes straight toward my brain and makes me fall for "stuff" even harder this time of year. My Christmas wish list already contains well over 30 items and is on its third version...feel free to confirm with my head-shaking family members. I feel quite guilty about it all, but much like what happens with my relationship with chocolate, we just.keep.pressing.on. So with this said, allow me to share two things that I've recently fallen for that still exist within our Dave Ramsey plan:

Emi-Jay hair ties:
Recently I had spotted them on Sheridan French's blog and was intrigued, but not yet sold (though anything SF says I immediately croon over because, well, I want to be her). Then, I was delighted to find them perched in a corner booth at Holiday Mart, saw a pic of Jennifer Anniston sporting it, tried it in my own 'do and was sold. Yes - I'm ever marketer's dream.

Bottom line: love the color selection, they look darling on the wrist and even cuter with in the hair, giving it some lift with a lazy updo that says "I tried." Swoon!

Since dressing head to toe is always key, what about the tootsies? I despise spending money on socks because of course the washer monster constantly eats them and immediately after purchasing I lose the patience to a) find them in the backyard from my dog's mouth b) match them up and put them away. But, there is some pressure to have some cute tootsies these days because each Saturday we have Kindermusik and there are no shoes allowed. Since Dave is not down with pedis, this calls for a little sock action. After two weeks of sporting the hubs' that are supposed to be white but are more gray and contain unsightly holes (blech), I decided I needed to woman up and spend some dough. Much to my glee, I spotted a whole wall of fantastic looking, girly, crazy socks at Forever 21 in Dallas. At 95 cents each, about 10 of them came home as mine:

So take that all you Kindermusik parents with adorable, patterned matching socks. I'm bringin' it this week!

And speaking of head to toe, this is a darling read from Eric Carle's newish collection:

Rhyming and encouraging kids to replicate the actions, it's a blast.

From head to toe, now you know!

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