Saturday, December 10, 2011

Five Under Fifteen

With Jolly Ol’ St. Nick coming down the chimney in less than three weeks, it’s likely that many will be frantically creating a list and checking it twice. Either that or combing the malls with dazed and confused, glazed, desperate eyes.

And though I’m purchased, wrapped and ready to gift (don’t hate!), there are always those last-minute surprises or “holy crap I forgot them” moments where it’s necessary to find something fun, inexpensive and on the fly. For these and those such as daycare providers, colleagues, etc., here are a few suggestions:

Emi-Jay hair ties: generally arrive in sets of four, which you can tear open and divide amongst friends, making them about a very reasonably priced gift. Plus, they’re fun, unique and haven’t hit the KC markets yet. Plus, what girl doesn’t love a ponytail? Or at least a fun item to throw on their wrist.

Vera Bradley zip ID case: sassy colors, easy to care for and isn’t everyone waiting to upgrade their coin purse but just can’t get motivated to fork over the dough? Good for all ages too.

Nail Polish: OPI and Essie of course are always a treat, coming in every color under the moon. Plus, it’s fun to choose from their wide selection of unique and meaningful names that strike a chord with your gift receiver.

A little something from Charming Charlies: it’s pretty easy to find a trendy set of earrings, a dangling bracelet, sassy scarf, fun tights and so much more for around 10 bucks. And if you go wrong, they can easily go back and find a crazy selection of other items they can swap it out for.

Gift cards to Target or Starbucks. Because you can always find something there and it’s likely you troll the aisles weekly.

Other items in this category include small candles or holders (hello gorgeous ceramic flower-inspired ones from Nells!), a vintage-looking initial necklace from BP at Nordys, fun jewels and accessories from Forever 21, pens, patterned reusable bags, or a small donation to your receiver’s charity of choice. Of course there are all sorts of darling things you can make as well, but that's likely for some other more qualified blogger to write know, the Etsy type vs. this non-domestic diva. Also, I don't know how to shop for men, so that's why this list is all girl-like.

So if you’re out shopping at 5:15 the day before Christmas Eve for the babysitter that’s coming on New Years…grab one of these five ideas under $15…

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