Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Name's On It

Ever since meeting the one and only Mrs. NEC, I’ve fallen head over heels for monograms, placing them on nearly any item that makes sense, delighting in the soft curves of the fonts, the creativity that goes into it all and the classy way it adds a little something to a thing that was likely already fabulous on its own. This year, I get to add a few to my own personal collection, thanks to the thoughtfulness of my girls:

I mean, how cute is all that?!

Don’t even think about nabbing any of these items… after all, my name’s on it.

PS: The girls ended up loving their solo monogrammed gifts as well:

A customized notepad created on Shutterfly (coupled with a Nells candle holder and Emi-Jay hair tie of course). Yay!

PPSS: On the NY resolution list: learn to rotate pics before loading...please forgive.

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