Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Hunt to Remember

“Megan – this is Dan P. Holler back at me. Courtney’s at work.”

His words filled the space between my ears with eager anticipation, knowing that this was the call I’d anxiously been awaiting for several weeks. A couple so darling and real that “live in sin,” make important decisions together, support each other unconditionally and cause one another to laugh gut wrenchingly? Yah – commitment was in their future. Either that or it was some totally inappropriate offer or something…you never know with that guy…(kidding Dan, my one of five male readers – gah bless you!).

My fingers fumbled over the call list as I tried to control my words when he answered, not wanting yet to assume our conversation would focus on blings and things, but as his deep voice came across the line, he immediately went for it: “I’m going to propose to Courtney on December 17 and I was curious if you want to be a part of it.”

Um – YAH.

And then I made him tell me about the ring of course. I may have even interrupted him, I’m not sure, but come on, we’re talking DIAMONDS here. And LURVE! What could be better? Side note: I’m STILL in trouble with the hubs for pulling the ring out in advance of the proposal and admiring it and placing it near my finger. Bad luck? Please-I’m the one Dan should be cursing for helping her pick out the sparkler that she now adores. This is business, people…

Cruising through my questions with ease and dodging between my squeals, he laid out his plan: 23 stops for their 23 months together, in all their memorable spots city-wide, a complete surprise and filled with all the people she loved the most.

Pretty perfect, huh?

And perfect it was, driving her to work as usual on a cool December morning before anyone should be up (he does it every other weekend -how cute is that?!), letting her duck out of the car in her scrubs, only to call her back in, hand her an envelope and alert her she’s now on a surprise holiday scavenger hunt. Totally digging this, he caught her on tape and even threw out a little video on Facebook of her “geeking out” as they shared breakfast together and she opened more clues, attempting to read his writing and sharing her innermost love for McDonalds breakfast. Thank gah for social media. It was like tracking on the Santacam…but for engagement scavenger hunts!

After some coffee and deliciousness, Courtney’s crew of besties gathered in one car, traipsing about town to old apartment houses, retailers, the mall (no surprise she was sent to look for the blogger, aka me, and she automatically went to Nordstrom), then finally arrived at our house, stop number eight.

In they trotted one by one, generating excitement in their every step and Courtney radiating from all the fun that had been occurring in just the past four hours. Uncertain to how much she had caught on by now, I asked her a few questions, embraced her one too many times (weddings are the BEST) and took in all the girls’ candid conversation, delighting in the memories and years they had shared together. As the Mimosa glasses were filled and re-filled, she went for envelope number nine, sending the pack off to get manis and pedis.

I know, right? Seriously…the dude thought of everything. He had even been over just hours before around 11 p.m. with the serving dishes of food, champagne and jokester wine he knew would get a reaction out of her.

A few college stories later, shout outs to K-State (yes, it flew this one time) and smiles swapped with the darling girls, they were off for nearly 20 more stops, each one another piece of the puzzle that would lead to her fairytale ending when all the parts fell together at the end.

A billion clues later, a sister now onboard and the five o’clock hour drawing nearer, they arrived at Tellers in Lawrence, an anxious and excited Dan pacing outside as Courtney waffled between the final surprise being an actual engagement or a trip to the basketball game. Minutes later, this photo appeared on the ever-faithful social media site:

Along with pictures of their family and friends crowded in the background, delighting in hearing the word “yes” before it was even asked of her, laughter growing in the room as congratulatory hugs were exchanged and two smiles that screamed: “THIS is what happiness and love look like.”

Congratulations Courtney and Dan. May the love you two felt on this day forever hold true and magical in your hearts. I couldn’t think of a more perfect match than the two of you and am so excited to support and celebrate your journey ahead, all starting with…

A hunt to remember.

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