Tuesday, November 27, 2012

For Your Virtual Reading List

It literally brings me to tears each time...and when I say tears I mean laughter-induced ones. Seriously funny stuff, and likely exactly how toddlers think in their mini universes. I'm not sure who the author(s) are, but I'm certain they're either pre-school geniuses or just really smart parents. The latest posts on school and sleeping had me reeling and I've likely scanned them five times each. This from the girl who goes ahead and catches the last few pages of a book first or breaks up with one if the first 10 don't cut it.

Regardless, it's an absolute hoot and entertaining read. Add the blog to your 30-second weekly read list, won't you? Because laugh lines are the best to have anyway. Plus, it will remind you how normal you and your children are just when you begin to doubt it...

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