Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Naming Baby

"Mommy -is the baby coming TU-DAY?!" he said with a slight huff in his voice, the whisk of his padded feet hitting the shag carpet a welcome sound to our mornings together.

"Not yet buddy - we have to wait until nearly Easter," I said, using our benchmark of holidays as the passage of time versus numbers and hands. It's a bit like women and directions...keep it to landmarks instead of that whole east west thing...

"Well, can we at least name...wait a second. Mom. Is it a boy or a girl?"

"We'll find out in three weeks buddy - are you excited?"

He dapples in another topic for awhile, sprinkled in with requests for waffles and Oswald the cartoon, then reverts back to baby. Since I won't give him the gender, he goes with:

"Let's do the baby's name then, okay Mom?"

We exchange dialogue as I grow more excited as to what will stumble out of his mouth, anticipating a favorite teacher name, friend in class or Elmo. Instead, he firmly insists on:

"Sunshine" and "Princess."

And in case you were wondering, Sunshine is the girl and Princess is the boy. You know, because this is the same little dude that desires a purple and pink wand and Merida for Christmas. Done. Wrapped. Because that's how Santa rolls. I gotta admit I like his free spirit and the warmth associated with each, despite it may just be because it's the same tune I sing him nightly and Disney's latest focus for marketing.

So, since we have no list of names we can agree on at all and it's pure torture waiting another few weeks until the gender reveal, Sunshine and Princess it is. After all, they make for killer backups. And won't it be fun when we have to explain our yuppie vs. hippie selves to others when they ask the origin and we say it was the first born's idea?

They'll totally get it then.

What are your favorite baby names right now?

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