Sunday, December 30, 2012

ATL Awesomeness

"Yah, I've got the saline spray, Pickles and his cars - let's roll," I said breathlessly, struggling to drag a 50 pounder with a 30 pounder on my hip. With our whole family stuck with the illness, a four-hour delay at the bland KCI and nap time nearing, the holidays not all the way planned and unfinished business at work and home, we weren't sure if the trip was off to a good start, but kept our spirits positive nonetheless.

Good thing we did because the trek and time there were simply marvelous:

Super trooper doing some iTime during 4-hour delay

Instantly bonding with Uncle Ryan

Laid back hours with the sis-in-law's delicious cooking. Warm hugs from my brother who I think about constantly, but could never see enough. Time with his in-laws who are incredibly warm, caring, sparkling and a reminder of what family really means. A run in with a faux Santa who'd had a few at the local pub, causing tears of laughter at our child's grimaces and threats of concern regarding his behavior. Balmy weather that meant no jackets in the brisk air as a soccer ball was kicked for hours and giggles heard during playground races. Watching my brother and SIL blossom into little parents, assisting, laughing and cuddling with our son. My first trip to IKEA (swoon!!!) where all my retail dreams unfolded right before me, and L2's nursery started coming to life. Laughs over the character-filled BearC pup that belongs to the SIL's family. Early wakings with waffles, scrambled potatoes and calm routines that came so easily as if our family did this every day. Even one night in a generously comfortable bed all to myself - it was all quite a treat. Easy, light traveling with little dude who we dubbed one of the greatest pre-school travelers around. Constant reminders of how important an uncle and aunt will be in his life.

Park fun - notice the short sleeves in December!

It was all magnificently magnificent. Ordinarily extraordinary. And a time we'll never forget.

Saying "see you soon!"

Thank you, Ryan and Erica and the Hein family for a holiday before the holidays and reminding us what it's all about. We love you!

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