Thursday, December 6, 2012

It happened. We've reached the point of welcoming the double chin, recognizing the bedunkadunk could be considered a double-wide, and falling even further in love with accessories because they're the only things that fit.

Which is why I returned from Chicago with four new pair of shoes. Oh, and what was probably more than six pounds of buttery, carmely, cheesey deliciousness the windy citians call Garrett's popcorn (likely one of the culprits that help aided above situation).

Speaking of finds, whether you're preggo or not, hitting the GAP is a wise choice if it's your kinda style. As one of only three outfitters serving the knocked up of the world, I was delighted to find that some new items had rolled in and given their push to hit the black during the holiday season, incredibly on sale. With not a penny to spend on such frivolous items such as clothes that fit and are comfortable at 20 weeks, I managed to score four dresses and a sweater for $110 bucks.

Seriously, a steal. And they're all the GAP comfort and quality you've loved since your years of wearing flannel and ripped boyfriend jeans in middle school.

So fall in to the GAP - you never know what finds you'll find.

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