Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rokuin' Round the Christmas Tree

During our recent visit to the ATL, my little brother learned more about "Curious George" than likely he ever intended, passing the morning hours until the sun poked beyond the Georgia horizon so we could head out and enjoy the balmy southern air. And it was all thanks to this little device:

The Roku. A streaming player that instantly downloads pretty much whatever you want to watch from movies to sitcoms, Pandora to new releases. Bottom line: it's amazeballs.

And the best part? Uncle Ryan had the hubs' name in the draw this year, therefore this little beauty is already nestled right in the TV center console. After owning it just one week, we've learned about Tinkerbell, Daddy has gotten into his gangster movies after hours and I jumped on the "Parenthood" bandwagon that was so hot on FB this week.

So whether you need to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for just about anyone in the next week, Roku is the answer. Rock it around your Christmas tree!

1 comment:

scader said...

If it had live TV and the ability to DVR there'd be none better.