Thursday, December 6, 2012

Word of the Week

Truth be told, there’s been a fair share of sh*t that’s gone down in our household this week, from hosting a party, Elf on the Shelf phobia, a variety of illnesses, doctor visits, intense deadlines and preparing for a trip. Toss in round 4,875 of nausea (seriously, half way through and we’re still doing this?!), and a newfound love of waking every two hours and we’re operating at about a five on a 10-scale. So, a few complications, but it’s all good.

And let me be clear about one thing: though things got a little sh*tty for a few moments over the course of the last six days, we never talked about it. And we certainly never used the word. Which is why I was slightly surprised to hear the latest report from Miss Julie on how using our sight words at circle time went down this week:

“Ok, friends, which of you would like to come up and doing rhyming with one of our site words this week?”

Our son eagerly raises his hand being the good student he is.

“Lawson – come on up.”

So up he pranced and she doled out the word he was to rhyme with, which was “sit.”

You can imagine the outcome of this. Really Miss Julie – you were asking for it.

Stifling a laugh she played it cool as if the imaginary words the rest of the kids were making it up (adding syllables to real words, etc. – a three year old’s playground), they moved on without so much as one five year old even noticing. Shocking really.

Then the teachers had a good laugh in the lobby. I can only imagine the kind of parents they think we are now, particularly given I told her the recent golf ball sized lump on his head was a mosquito bite and didn’t sign off or (gasp) leave the dosage for the saline nose drops.

Hey, at least the kid can rhyme with the word of the week, yes?

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