Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Cure for Cradle Cap

Coconut oil!

Just spread about a tbsp on baby's head, leave it on for 10 minutes (might I also recommend taking deep breaths and pretending you're on an exotic beach somewhere), run a fine-tooth comb through his hair, then a gentle bristled brush and wa-la - cradle cap begone! Our practice is to use it daily and wash it out every other day with gentle Dove body wash.

This literally worked OVERNIGHT and was a nice substitute for the olive oil that left him smelling like your local italian joint and tended to run into his temples and eyes. We much preferred this over Aquaphor, Baby Oil and Cetaphil cream too. Little Squeak went from alligator scales and lots of questions to fine hair that even moves in the breeze - hair! Who knew the wee one even had some?!

So gentle, smells delicious and is even working wonders on his eczema. Grab a jar at your Walmart, Whole Foods or Trader Joe's today and prepare for your own miracle in a jar.

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