Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Four Months of You

A grin so authentic it can't be replicated anywhere else. Deep conversations consisting of moans, groans, squeals and squeaks. The most glorious of welcomes with a whole body shake and light up from toes to top. A pretty rockin' sleep "schedule" of a 7 p.m. bedtime and a few night wakings here and there. An appetite fit for a king. A few tricks such as hanging in the Bumbo, playing for hours on the kickmat, grabbing and reaching for toys and nearly getting over onto your tummy solo (if only that darn shoulder and big ol' head weren't in the way!). A sunny disposition that allows us to take you just about anywhere. A love for sleep sacks and long naps. Infatuation with your brother. A deep seeded love for Mama and Sophie the Giraffe. The biggest love affair with your fists. A new bond with ducky, stroller rides and car outings. The constant desire to be held. The joy of spotting yourself in the mirror.

And best of all: four months of the deepest love we could ever know.

We adore you, little Squeak. And thanks for kicking that colic. Who knew there was so much sunshine underneath all that rain?!

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