Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mommas Being Strong

Let's face it: Moms don't need lessons on how to be strong. Day in and day out they are role models for their children, serving as the entire C-suite of the household, kissing little foreheads away for nine hours, finding patience in all things, preparing meals, washing bottles, folding towels, hosting board meetings, attempting to look her best and maintain friendships, soothing boo boos, tripping over army men, trying to be sassy for her husband and so much more. But one area Moms could probably get some education in:

Taking a little time for themselves. To breathe. Recover from the 18 hour days. To feel a little bit good about herself and unite with others who understand.

Enter: Momma Strong.

I first stumbled upon Momma Strong from friend and blogger Melanie Knopke, who featured the site and an overview of the different web workout programs and immediately thought: YES. I can do 15 mins a day when the kiddos are asleep and I won't miss a second, on my time and my dime. And mommy branded and thoughtfully planned for women with children? Sign me up.

So sign up I did through one of Melanie's blog giveaways, and though I didn't walk away a winner, I still received a discount to sign up for the program for $15 - that's it! With that I gained access to the postnatal series, a 30-min manageable workout for a two week session delivered via the web and designed to regain your core strength and lengthen those mommy-needed muscles for toting and doing everything one-handed. After that, I'll commit to "The Hook" for 30 days, where Melanie and several of her friends experienced some great results. In addition, Momma Strong includes a suite of valuable and helpful resources, all designed for the Mom on the go that totally gets that 15 minutes is still a lot of time and that you're tired of running your knees into the remnants of your last c-section.

Courtney, the founder and trainer, is genius. Comfortable, approachable, doable and flexible the programs are tough and leave you sweating, but leave you guilt free as you're doing your time at home and the cost is extremely reasonable. Her customer service is over the top awesome, and it's easy to throw up your iPad or grab some space near your PC to get in your 15 mins a day.

So whether you're a new Mom or a seasoned one that's ready to get back into the groove without committing to all those 13.1s your gal pals are doing, take a minute to find "strength in the middle" with Momma Strong and sign up today. Then holler at me so we can do "The Hook" together and share our burpee war stories!

Happy workout, Momma!

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