Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Warmer Welcome

It's been said that the highest form of flattery is imitation. Well, I sure hope Andrea of Life.Love.Larson agrees because in reading her latest post on her back patio and then digging a bit further and scoping out her front door color, our stoop is starting to resemble hers:
We're still searching for that perfect  mat and a tiered planter to adorn the right corner, but other than that this was a quick fix to provide a warmer welcome to all who call to enter. Sure we'd love to replace the gold, get a screen, etc., but this was an inexpensive way to change it up and bring a little sass to the front of our chocolate and cream home. (PS: if it were my dream home I'd have those double antique looking doors that are uh-mazing). Even better, Andrea made it super easy with her beautiful taste. A friend of a friend and quickly becoming a gal pal, her home is remarkable and one I fell in love with instantly at a baby shower she hosted. The girl has mad taste!

But don't worry Andrea, I don't have an inkling of your DIY talent and vision, so this is likely as far as I'll be able to stalk and mimic you for awhile. Though that mudroom with the chalk wall of yours is calling my name...

Thank you for the inspiration A - we owe you!

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Andrea @ Life Love Larson said...

You are so sweet! The porch looks so good!!