Sunday, August 4, 2013

Down With Diaper Rash

"Dude, I feel for him - can you imagine if your hiney felt and looked like one of those flame throwers from Mario Kart?" my husband states as I take a minute to wrap my brain around the analogy. Giving up I made a mental note to talk to some of my mommy friends and bring up the lash of the diaper rash at his upcoming appointment. As usual, I received some great tips and tricks, but this one by far won the prize:

Calmoseptine - made for those in the nursing home but perfect for wee ones with sore bums. Just remove the diaper, clean them up, slap on a bit of your favorite regular diaper cream and then coat in Calmoseptine and wa la: a clean set of buns that's pain free.

Pair this with diapers that work best for your baby's skin and cotton swabs that are wet vs. wipes that contain alcohol and you're golden.

Find it over the counter at your local pharmacy store but grab two when you go because for some reason they disappear fast.

Cleaner, calmer kiddos - happy pasting!

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