Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dreaming of Dinner...

is not something I ever do...unless it's prepared by by one of my uber talented girlfriends or a restaurant I fancy around the block. However, when I received an invite to attend a meal prep party complete with wine while assembling, I was in!

Easy, convenient and fun, our MOMS group met at Dream Dinners last week in an effort to swap kid stories while knocking out some recipes to prepare us for the upcoming month. Before we arrived, we each had received a cheerful call from the owner and several email reminders, making it quick and thorough in picking our recipes in advance and paying online. For just $84, we took advantage of the introductory offer that gave us six meal options that could feed a family of four. Here in the Choate house, that cannot easily be done if at all with our grocery purchasing, so it felt like a steal. Upon arriving we were paired with an employee who showed us wear to place our personal items, where our spot was in the fridge (which could also store we pumpers' stash), how the process worked and most importantly, corked our wine and showed us where the appetizers were. And then, we were off!

For even the most undomestic diva like myself, the stations were easy to get through with little to no critical thought. With color coded labels, large fonts with the recipe and all supplies at your fingertips, it was a breeze. Mingling with the moms and sipping on some white in between made it even more of a treat. Hell, if I had a set up like that at home, this momma would spend far more time getting grub on the table. Complete with convenient packaging, easy to follow directions, nutrition information and great taste, they truly ended up being dreamy dinners.

Best yet: my biggest requirement before Thanksgiving will be to warm the oven, toss them in, then watch happy bellies fill around the table.

Dream Dinners: do it!

PS: the December menu looks amazeballs. I mean, merry and bright or something like that...

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