Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fright Night Delight

A baby's first...yoda?! Buckets full of goodies. Adorable costumes arriving by the hundreds on our doorstop. Crisp fall weather. Neighbors with vivid imaginations. Carvings and candelight. School parades. Streaming moonlight. Supportive grandparents. And a whole lotta fun. Cheers to another happy Halloween!

PS: a trick for allergy parents...make a game of dumping your child's bag when you return from trick or treating and go through and pick out the peanut, etc. ones together and talk about why it's not safe for them to eat. Then, have a stash of "safe" candy they can choose from to replace each unsafe piece they had to toss. They'll enjoy the control and get to enjoy a treat they can actually eat. Take advantage of candy donation opportunities post-holiday through pre-schools, etc. to save your waistline too.

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