Tuesday, January 27, 2015


"Sounds good...we'll meet you at 10. But NOT at First Watch," I said, trying to hide my disdain for what was once a favorite eatery, but had sunk low on the list with the introduction of so many great local spots. Thank goodness we Kansas Citians like to eat...

And so it came to be that we arrived at Room 39, a venue that had made me blush on the love scale a time or two when I grabbed coffee with girlfriends for it's fresh, every-changing menu, unique blend of foods and familiar sides that had proven tasty each time.

This morning was extra special in that we were spending some quality time with the bro and SIL, free of food flinging, desperate cries for the iPad and 10 trips to the bathroom (read: sans kids). After much contemplation and moans over our delicious mimosas and espressos, we each landed on something delectable:

The mister got the Carbonara, described as fresh spaghetti, bacon, brown butter, greens, poached eggs, basil and pesto. Sis got the goat cheese blueberry pancakes while I indulged in the brioche french toast. Mom delighted in the quiche of the day containing spinach and ham, while the brother did the huevos rancheros. Each dish tasted as if we were getting it fresh in another country, the service attentive and kind and the company like none other.

In short: it was an absolute treat. I HIGHLY recommend it. And each item is less than $15 - not bad for top of the line yet still having to keep up with the IHOP fans of the city. Yum!

The evening before we also had an enjoyable dining experience, despite the chaos of being restaurant week. Each evening, Avenues Bistro runs a special where they offer half-price food and wine after 8 p.m., an excellent idea to build business before the kitchen closes at 10. And although we were seated in the newly extended bar area next to a party of bachelorettes (older and poised I might add), creating decibels that made bonding tough, we still had a good time. From the meatballs to the bacon wrapped dates, humus, knocci, macaroni and cheese and so much more - each bite was as tasty as the last. Top it with an array of their mixed drinks and moscow mules and you're having a pretty nice night. Particularly for those that an evening out consists of McD's, Chipolte or Fritz's. It's an extra golden evening when you realize you paid only $110 for six adults to overeat specialty food and allowed them two drinks a piece as well. Cha ching!

So get your grub on in KC today and make these stop, plus a long list of other delicious holidays - and enjoy!

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