Tuesday, January 6, 2015

'Twas the Season

"But I'm not ready to take them down," I whined, a glittery ball sprinkling the floor with its magical dust, tissue paper scattered near my bare feet.

This year the holidays passed all too quickly. Not in a "holy cow I missed my whole bucket list for this time of year" kind of way, but the way in which all of your methodical planning and living in the moments were so enjoyable, you literally delighted that everyday felt like Christmas.

Starting a new job and having zero time off actually ended up a good thing...the moments of togetherness with holidays being extra special, thoughtful and easy as we spent time at home and with those we love the most. And we hit it all: making gingerbread houses, decorating the house to the nines, girls' ornament and cookie exchange, taking in the Plaza lights, date night, school concert and so much more.

It was nothing short of magical. And I'm incredibly grateful. Thank goodness for this marketing queen being largely responsible for a company rebrand in February to keep my mind off of missing all the joy. And here's to the attitude for creating much more.

May your holidays have filled your souls in ways you never imagined and cheers to 2015!

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