Monday, January 12, 2015

In Stitches Over My Fixes

"Oh my geeeee - I gotta go. It's here two whole days early!" I half-shout into the phone, my girlfriend understanding the abruptness of having to depart over a UPS box that sat on our still frost-laden step.

It had been less than two weeks since I had broken down in a moment of weakness and fear of turning 35 that I had finally wandered onto the Stitch Fix site, a bandaid for my current emotional state. Taking only about 10 minutes to complete the profile on their clean, easy-to-use site, I typed of my love for sparkle, disdain for key wobbly bits and the threat that no pant in the universe fit me well. And lo and behold, the SF goddesses delivered this:
Rhonda Knit Back Faux Leather Jacket: the kind of piece you search your whole life for and feel like the best version of your dream alternative ego in. Comfortable, buttery soft and perfect for over that little knit dress or paired with jeans. I die.  Over and over again I die. $78

Ohara Faux Wrap Tie-Waist Dress: um, hello my fav colors and pattern, plus an appropriate length for work, a little curves around the curves and soft as a baby's behind for comfort and ease of wear. $68

Leroy Graphic Print Blouse: perfect for throwing on for work or for one of those birthday parties on the weekends. Washable, flawy to hid the mid section and easy to maneuver in with fabulous pops of color. Tuck into a dressy skirt for work. $44

Mayven Abstract Print Blouse: though this one isn't staying home with me, I adore the buttons and flow of the material paired with the buttons. It almost knocked my socks off, but with the leather jacket as the baseline,
it didn't make the cut. $58
Not pictured: Liverpool Collen Straight Leg Jean ($78). Ok Stitch Fix, you win - you found a pair of pants that fit me! Perfect in length, enough room in the wide hips and comfy in the waist. Score! They were black though, and that portion of my closet is currently full, so we're gonna have to pass on that of enow to make way for the rest of the goodness.

Had money been no object (and believe you me, those bills are an object -just as my husband who glared at me as I whisked my box upstairs), I would've kept them all.

And because I am a marketing geek, I must share that in this box came two lovely pieces: a handwritten note describing what inspired Tish from my Pinterest board to pick what she did, and a clean list of what she used to style me to the nines. Not to mention a small fold-out brochure that showed you two ways to style each piece given your profile. Plus a bag, signed sealed and delivered to return the clothes to the big blue box near you with no hassle. Genius.

Bottom line: if you have once thought you could use a little sumpin' from Stitch Fix, I vote you do it. Today. Because if it can bring a sinus infected, long-day at work, one kid is still sick mama the amount of glee it did for this one today, gah help you on a good day.

Here's how it works:
1. Visit and complete your simple profile so the stylists get to know you - I highly recommend linking to your Pinterest board or send pics of outfits that inspire you
2. Choose how often you'd like to receive a package of five pieces (every other month for me)
3. Choose price ranges you're comfortable with to spend per type of piece (they'll do their best to match)
4. Pay $20 online
5. Get your box and practically melt from the awesomeness
6. Choose the items you want and the $20 fee goes toward them
7. Toss the rest in the mailbox and go about your day
8. Wow your friends with your fabulousness

So simple. So chic. So delightful. So treat yourselfish. So YES.

May your fix have you in as many stitches as this gal is in -happy styling!

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