Wednesday, February 23, 2011

C'mon, Vogue

“Let’s do it…it will be so much fun…and different!” Sarah squeals, excitedly chattering about appetizers, dates and all things girly as we sat over cool beverages discussing the potential of an upcoming birthday celebration.

The corners of my mouth widened in a grin as flashes of Madonna, “Pretty Woman” and even “13 Going on 30” danced through my head, complete with lead roles and characters that were my best friends. Makeovers, jewels, Usher on the iPod, delicious grub and all my favorite people? Count me in. Sounds like the perfect way to bring in the big 3-1.

And so it came to be the Vogue Party was in effect. Feb. 11. At Sarah’s. Be there or be square.

Now, keep in mind pouring on the glam and letting loose with your inner Heidi Klum isn’t necessarily for everyone. But the gals took one for the team and all arrived in their own version of high fashion, with big smiles, warm hugs and ready to cheer on those who were brave enough to get in front of the curtain and get their girl-on.

I was first, my face lined with professionally applied makeup, heavy but classic – made just for the camera lens. Struggling to make the transition from the application chair to center stage, I downed half of Sarah’s delicious homemade pear vodka concoction and took my time dabbling with the accessories table, working with Bliss Photography’s jewel gal to select just the right accessories for that extra Vogue touch.

Minutes later, with bangles up to my elbows, a fedora perched on my brow and enough necklaces to qualify me as Mrs. T, I was bounced into the spotlight, giggles surrounding me, the bass pumping from nearby, the encouragement and direction from the photographers comforting and laid-back. Striking pose after pose, I channeled my inner Emme (because let’s face it, I’m no Kate Moss) and did my best to relax and have fun, taking in the gals’ faces around me and delighting in the sounds of them having fun nearby. For those few minutes it felt like freedom…to be young again, ridiculous, completely outside of your comfort zone, silly, glamorous, reckless and just plain sassy. All things one should experience when digging even further into their thirties and letting loose from the everyday stresses in life…

One after one, the gals flirted in front of the background, hamming it up for the camera, smirking as the “wind” hit their face or their pupils lit up with the help of some professional lighting. Scarves, hats, gloves, jewels, lipsticks and more were thrown about and exchanged, not unlike those nights in the sorority house before the big date dash. Chocolates and wine were consumed, stories were swapped, hugs and even some tears of disbelief took place near the kitchen as catching up occurred, posing commenced and an evening of glamour took place.

Finally, after 30 minutes of photo editing on-site by the professionals, a few party fouls, a lot of girl talk and even more adult beverage consumption, the slide show began. Like eager students, we gathered on the rug with the laptop before us and oohhed and aahheed over the final product, marveling at the transformation and the power of a little editing and a lot of camera talent. Cries of “that’s my favorite!” or “you should give that to your hubby!” or “omg, that doesn’t even look like her!” bounced off the walls as the girls’ faces lit up in delight, humor and plain ol’ carefree fun. Fabulous. Finesse. Phenomenal. F.U.N.

The final production of the night was purchasing time, as girls narrowed their photo options, chose to purchase images or trinkets, gathered their thoughts and made selections:

And so commenced The Vogue Party of 2011…for these girls at least. A night to truly remember, to mark down as a milestone and to reserve in your brain when life starts to get a bit too serious.

So thank you, girls, for reminding me what your 30s and all your years are about: friends, food, fun, family and…


It will remain a night I’ll never forget.

And to Sarah, the hostess with the mostest and all the besties that attended: you’re the best models any gal could ask for. Thanks for always being the tripod to my camera and being the support and friends I can always count on when I need it the most…and even when I don’t. I love you and will Vogue with you anytime. Anyday.

You just name it.

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Erica said...

LOVE this idea! And love love love your pics. Do you have more?