Monday, February 14, 2011

I Left My Heart in K.C.

“You’re going to be great honey – and we love you!” he said, turning the keys wildly in the ignition, tossing the daycare bag in the back and waiting patiently as I tucked our son in his seat against the cool morning air.

I made my way through what felt like the motions of over the shoulder, buckle, chatter about Elmo, shovels and footballs, plaster a smile on my face and hurry along because Daddy was already 30 minutes late to work, and well, you know how that makes him a little grinchy in the morning. At the same time, I felt my heart dropping down to my ankles, then straight out my toes and fought the urge to chase after the car and rip my baby from the back seat and hold him against my chest, never to let go. Because leaving your child for a business trip never gets easier, despite the fact you get a small reprieve from what can become the everyday routines in life. But no amount of love for your career, passion for seeing new cities, or even the drive to do something meaningful in the pediatric world can replace the small of his hand on your knee, the weight of his little body in your lap, the warmth of his head tucked against your shoulder as you rock him to sleep or even his wicked grin when he’s about to do something really, really naughty. Nope – there’s nothing quite like it.

So this year, on Valentine’s Day, I left my heart in K.C. But I’m also taking with me every sound, face, giggle and antic that I have memorized. And my one wish this year? That you may feel my love from miles and miles away…

I love you boys. Happy Valentine’s Day!

And to all of you, dear friends – may this day and all days be filled with the kind of love you’ve only daydreamed of. Because you truly deserve it.

Finally, to my dear husband and best friend: if I forgot to mention it, when I'm chasing that car...I'm hoping you'll leap out too. 'Cause there is no where else I'd rather be than in your arms on this Valentine's Day and every day...

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