Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Clicking through my daily blogs, I took a deep breath that could almost count as a gasp when I spotted my dear friend Gina’s latest post on jewels. Necklaces lined the page, their antique fingers intertwining one another in perfect shades of gold lined with all the right materials to make it just extraordinary enough to, well…lose your breath for a minute. That is, if you’re a jewel junky like me I suppose. I began to daydream all the ensembles in my closet that would be enhanced by these pieces when suddenly, the soft chime of the doorbell rings and I stumble down the stairs to greet this this little number that arrives:


Thank you, sis-in-law, for once again nailing it like you always do. You make all my accessory dreams come true with your immaculate taste and giving heart, and for thinking of things that others adore that they’d never purchase for themselves.

Add it to my collection of necklaces I’ve received today from amazing colleagues that includes a beautiful, chocolate-colored beaded choker and a long layer of pearls perfectly mixed with a silver palette and you can call me one of the luckiest and most appreciative gals you know. Or just a jewel junky/fashion fiend…I’m flexible…

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