Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party Like It's February 2011

“Megs, why do you still have your coat on?,”Leah asks as I worked to keep the buttons intact and my scarf wound tightly around my neck.

“Because I so did not wear a Catholic-appropriate, daytime wedding ensemble!” I said, sharing a grin and glancing around at the perfectly coifed guests, their toned down gray and black wear filling the pews with necklines and hemlines that hit in all the right places. Drat to improper planning and prioritizing the family to get that last minute shopping in, huh? Though I have known Molly and Tim were getting married on this date for nearly a year…

The bagpipes were played, the tears nudged at with small corners of tissues and bright smiles lit up the room as one of the most gorgeous brides this world has seen began her day with all of her dreams coming true. The love felt among the church’s stained-glass walls was immeasurable as stories of their love were swapped, guests sat silent with heartfelt emotion and rings of gorgeous wedding party attendants gazed on with support and admiration. The kiss was tasteful and elegant, the sermon one to always remember and filled with a few life lessons and the look on the happy couple’s face as they made their way back down the aisle as husband and wife: priceless. True to the kind of people Molly and Tim are, it was a day complete with romance, well wishes, inspiration and joy. Truly a magnificent event!

Turn to about six hours later and perhaps things are no longer being labeled as “nice,” but more like:’s.2011! Wine is flowing, words that will always be remembered being exchanged over the loud speaker, a table full of best friends and a play list to die for, it felt like college all over again. Suddenly, what can sometimes feel like the weight of the world got a little lighter as I danced cheek to cheek (yes, both sets of cheeks…we unfortunately haven’t changed THAT much – yikes), got down to Britney with the girls, participated in dance offs and rocked out to MJ. For a split second, I was no longer a Mom, an overachieving employee, a wife, a friend, a sister a daughter…but just me. Doing the groove thing. And that’s one little piece of heaven we all have to hold on to once in awhile…to remember what’s important in life, to let it all hang out for an hour or two and just.get.down.

So thank you Molly and Tim, and to all our “family” and friends we cherish and love each and every day. For your love, our love and the love we all share.

And for letting us party like it’s 2011.

May this night and all of yours ahead be all you’ve been dreaming of and more…

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing our day on your blog Meg! We were so glad you were there to help us celebrate! We are off to Jamaica but will catch up in a week! Love you!