Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Diggin' for Denim

Cooler, amazing temps combined with the passing of Labor Day weekend have prompted me to break out the jeans, sparking excitement about my favorite time of year. Add in a lazy, loose fleece and I'm in heaven...

When sporting these said jeans, I've been asked about twice daily what brand they are and where they may be purchased. So here you go girls, have at it:

Ann Taylor Loft's Curvy Flares

GAP's Long and Leans

I adore them both because they're under $70, stretch and mold into the softest cotton, wash up like a dream and of course make a woman of substance appear smaller than she really is.

What more can a gal ask for?

And if you're questioning the flare, I still stay in full support, again for the sole reason it makes your hips look smaller. the pear shape.

So if you're going diggin' for denim, I suggest you start here.

Happy shopping!

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