Monday, September 5, 2011

Going Out With a Bang

We are indulging in the kind of long weekend one only dreams of, complete with weather that signals the first signs of fall, projects falling off the to-do list that have been on for months, a day away from the daily grind, meals prepared with peace and purpose, hours dedicated to naps, an abundance of friends and family and at the heart of it all…

Lawson’s second birthday party!

Seamless and celebratory, it’s a day we (and he!) will never forget for its cheer, joy, active and smile-inducing play. Hosted at Gymboree for a “here, take my money so all I have to do is bring cupcakes,” it began late afternoon with gaggle of our nearest and dearest, which slowly grew to more than 30, many of them little friends under age two, delighting in the primary colors and craziness ensuing around them. Tottering over slides, bouncing of padded obstacles courses, chasing flavored bubbles, clapping to songs, leaping from heights, tucking and rolling in parachutes and some who had just sitting staring in wonder - it was a sight to be seen. Those sans wee ones hung nearby, sharing in the laughter, catching photo opps and unearthing their child-like spirit stuck deep within their souls.

And when play turned to a bit of ambivalence, it was a march to the cupcakes for the “Happy Birthday” tune, beverages needed after some intense activity and catching up with the kind of friends and family one spends each day being grateful for. As laughter and stories filled the room, we served red velvet and birthday surprise cupcakes, passed goody bags to the little ones, hugged guests we hardly had enough time to catch up with and delighted in watching Lawson make headway with his once-lit giant baked good, taking moments to sip a rare juice box in between. Soon, the presents were whisked away, chatter died down as our timeframe ran out and the scramble to pick up and go was upon us. But not before photos were captured, well-wishes exchanged and…

the birthday boy went out with a bang. Literally.

Catching his two front teeth and lip on the edge of what once had been laced in primary colors, streamers and bicycle-themed items for his special day. Alas, like most kid incidents, no harm no foul and was quickly cured with a now almost fully recovered Grandpa pretending to fall into a faux tree.

So yah, we went out with a bang. And what a bash it was.

Thank you to all of our incredible family and friends(many of them not pictured here!) who make these special days and all moments worth celebrating. We love you, honor you, cherish you and hope that when it comes to going out with a bang…

you’ll always be there right besides us.

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