Friday, September 2, 2011

Pop Your Collar...

cause this birthday boy is gonna step out in style!

How darling is this polo created by the ever-thoughtful, endlessly talented, super Mom of two Mrs. Jenny Knudtson?

Laid-back, timely, talented, creative and fun, Jenny took this tee from vision to finish, checking in a few times at checkpoints, but overall, she took our party theme (bicycles) and ran with it. Sensible and still attuned to quality, she nabbed a polo at Target and then took the time to find the perfect fabric in Lawrence that nearly matched the logo of the little dude’s party set for Saturday. The polo is fabulously soft and just the right shade of grey, and Jenny took her Hallmark designer sense and placed a 2 on the breast pocket and cut darling, patterned letters out on the back with a larger 2 represented. Essentially it’s like a jersey for a little guy to sport at his soiree – perfect! When receiving her package, she included care instructions and insisted she was very flexible and open to feedback. During the process she even included a teaser!

Thank you, Jenny, for creating a color-coordinated, perfectly sewn shirt we’ll literally keep for a lifetime for its sentiment and one-of-a-kindness. Because of you, the little dude’s pics are sure to be fab…and everyone will know he’s “gonna be two!!!”

Check out Jenny’s Etsy site in the next few months at or connect with her via email for one of your very own.

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