Tuesday, March 18, 2014


All this talking and plotting for Squeak's first birthday has my tummy in knots with excitement. The goal was to keep it simple, then this happened:
MayDetails on Etsy
I fell head over heels in love with this set by MayDetails on Etsy. The files arrive several weeks back, including the invitation with his customized silhouette. SWOON!
Squeak's invite to feature post event
I nearly wept. Then I started fretting over my lack of crafting skills and how I was going to actually print and cut all the items. But meh - surely I'll figure it out.

Loved ones. A smash cake. First year memories logged. Slideshow. Tasty treats. Balloons. Pictures. Sentiments. And hopefully lots of smiles.

Let's not forget the fabulous dude at the center of it all:

It's all happening so fast, I figured why not pause and make a big ol' bash of it all. After all, he's worth it. Let the countdown begin to the milestone!

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