Sunday, March 16, 2014

Leave Behinds

When the littles have to be left behind, I like to leave a little something behind:

A simple, daily gift that brings them joy and reminds them that I'm thinking of them. Ok, and serves as bribery to be good for Daddy and fills a void of Mom Guilt while I'm on the road.

And don't forget to FaceTime when duty calls and puts you in another state - it makes it all a bit more tolerable. Unless, of course, your child is at the height of separation anxiety (ahem - 10 months) and only turns into a pile of disastrous mush at the sound of your voice. Throw your face in there and it's curtains.

Speaking of being on the road, my first big trip in 2014 wasn't half bad:

Palm trees, temps in the 70s for two days with an hour long lunch to catch some rays to fill the vitamin D and soul deficiency. A "Bachelor" finale watch party complete with red wine, Girl Scout cookies and hilarious commentary from some of the best colleagues around. Dinner on an outdoor patio with the greatest of men - dear ol' Dad - including a tour of his beautiful apartment. A successful meeting with fascinating content and  travel buddies that seemed to be more fun than ever before.

Then there was returning to these faces:

Yah, it may have been Orlando, but nothing beats them.

So next time you're on the road, leave behind a little something for the leave behinds, including a meal or card for the mister. They'll appreciate it.

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