Sunday, March 16, 2014


As I go to tuck myself in to my uber comfortable Sleep Number bed well before 11 p.m. and fire up the DVR, I notice I'm covered in baby food, unshowered and still in last night's PJs. Although these are signs of a well-worked Sunday of being a mom and decluttering rooms in the house, I had that inkling of a feeling that seemed to resonate with the words: "yuck, old, tired, ew, oh who cares, dammit JLo and really?!" As I was thinking these thoughts and entering the emotional death spiral, I began to pack my purse for returning to work in the morning:
Betsy Johnson "Stud Muffin" crossbody

And realized... friends still see me this way!!!

A trendy, funky, bright, studded, obnoxious, character-filled thing with flowers for a lining!

Thank gah for girlfriends. For pink bags that erase purple ones under your eyes. Delicious little gifts that remind you of the gal that is always at the root of your core. And perception as reality.

May you have a little something that reminds you of that too.

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