Friday, March 21, 2014

Coming Home

Yesterday I came home to domestic bliss:
Yep, you're seeing that right. A perfectly reorganized close done by none other than the infamous Amy. It was the perfect surprise to the end of an already long work week, the freedom of actually walking through a closet without tripping over mismatched shoes, baskets piled to the ceiling, clothes that need laundering and gah knows what else.

My friends, my closet has a FLOOR. I've not seen this square footage of it in more than two years. Again, borrow her, but don't steal her. So grateful. So moved. So appreciative.

Next up came the dark surprise in our kitchen: the new fridge! "Darth Vader" as big L so fondly calls it, adoring its new gadgets and taking advantage of what is called an ice maker. Again, I don't spend much time in the place where one preps food other to gaze into the pantry while eating Oreos, but I can appreciate the smooth texture, large, versatile shelves, LED light and *ta da* an ice maker and water dispenser (something my husband and I have never had). Bonus: a certain four year old who has more demands than a camel in the desert can help himself to the H2O.

So while I didn't appreciate mr. fridge eating a significant chunk of my bonus and savings for Mexico, I can appreciate him nonetheless. Plus, I guess it's mandatory to keep things like milk and butter cool and our old fridge just wasn't doing that.

To put a bow on it, our little family perched on Daddy's homemade table, consuming grilled hot dogs and way too many cookies. It was bring on the spring bliss.

May your day have been this kind of happy.

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