Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fallin' For R+F

"Just give it a shot - see if it helps. And if it's not working, there is a 60-day guarantee," my friend said, her tone non-pushy, her voice hopeful for what the product could do for Little L's cheeks.

And lo and behold - it worked!

Rodan + Fields "Soothe" product has become a staple in our home, used twice daily on the Little's open sored cheeks, a product of eczema not well controlled. Despite our best efforts to manage his intake of dairy, the likely culprit of his flaky, red, oozing cheeks detracting from his baby blues, the skin condition continued. Though less intense with the removal of cow's milk and cheese, the occasional ingestion at school or home tends to make for a rouged look within 24 hours. And to think our doc thinks with enough exposure it will improve? She's not going to be happy at our 15-month visit next week when she finds out our "high on the charts" boy is still taking toddler formula due to low dairy. Eeesh.

A three-step process, R+F "Soothe" includes a gentle wash that immediately removes irritated, dry skin, then is followed with two moisturizing creams that take away redness within hours. For our little guy, it returns his baby soft skin nearly to normal within three days, leaving us free of answering "What's wrong with his face?" question we're so often asked. Though meant for adults with dermatological conditions such as rosatia, this kit has been a rock star product for our home. And gah have we tried it all, from coconut and essential oils, expensive, prescribed lotions, herbs, etc. Soothe seems to be our answer! A gal pal even uses it on the occasional red tushy due to diaper rash.

And don't even get me started on their "Redefine" product. My girlfriend knew what she was doing when she left me that little treat to use for a week too. Holy glorious. A very low maintenance gal when it comes to beauty products (minus my attachment to MAC), this skin care plan blew my mind. I literally felt like my face almost looked better without makeup and Mr. Wrinkle seemed to shrink a bit within a week! Plus my skin felt smooth and glowy - swoon! It's definitely going on the ol' Christmas list...

So save your pennies and make your case with the hubs on a per month ROI basis. Plus show him your stuff when you're all radiant and youthful looking from it's use. Then slap on a bit of their self tanner and call yourself gorgeous. And don't forget the magic lip stuff they have. I don't even remember what it was called but my goodness a girl could get addicted to it.

R+F - a new love! Message me to connect you with my friend in the biz - she's the best!

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